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The best way to learn about the joy of owning Alpacas is to visit the farms. People who are already in the business. Alpaca breeders are friendly and they enjoy sharing their Alpacas with the public. You will find that each breeder has his own individual style and method of operation. You can learn a little from each breeder and decide how you personally would like to participate in the Alpaca industry, and at what level.

Alpaca breeders come from many walks of life. For some, Alpacas are a source of income, for others a source of pleasure. Young couples with children might own three or four Alpacas and enjoy caring for them. Retired couples, who have raised their kids, sold their business, and retired to the country are often owners. The family whose members include a hand spinner might own two or three animals for fiber production. Several larger breeders are veterinarians who found the ownership of Alpacas to be more rewarding than practicing veterinary medicine. Many herds are owned by families, where the husband has a city job, and the Alpaca business is managed by the wife on their small acreage in the country. A large number of breeders are working couples who tend their herd in the evening after work. All of these Alpaca breeders, big and small, enjoy their animals and feel good about owning an investment they can hug.

First, determine your goals for Alpaca ownership. Would you like to own an inexpensive pair of gelding males for fiber production or as pets for you and your family? Are you going to be a full time or part-time breeder? Will you invest in Alpacas for current financial returns or are you going to build a herd toward the day you retire?

Once you've decided on your goal, the path to Alpaca ownership will be more easily defined. Maybe you've decided to start a small herd and let it grow over a period of time before retiring and living off the income the herd produces. If so, you'll have the power of compounding on your side.

If you're interested in acquiring a producing Alpaca herd with immediate sales, you may want to consider a larger initial investment. You would probably invest in a number of pregnant females who would deliver a cash crop of cria immediately. This larger investment might also encourage you to become more involved in the industry and spend more time marketing your herd. Some breeders with bigger herds have full time ranch managers or hire additional labor to assist them with the day-to-day chores.

However you choose to be involved, there is an approach suitable for you. The industry is very young and represents a ground floor opportunity. Very few investments have the potential to reproduce themselves every year. An Alpaca does. Today's smaller breeder can choose to be almost any size in the future. An investor who likes the return Alpacas offer, or the lifestyle they provide, can choose any level of investment.

To contact us regarding investments in Alpaca, click here and we will be glad to assist you.

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